I’ve driven by Charlie’s Diner in Westbrook, always making a mental note to stop there, a number of times over the past few years. The other day, I finally went there for lunch. I picked up a friend along the way and offered up two simple words: “Trust me.”

I had a feeling we were in for something good.

I’ll be honest: Charlie’s isn’t much to look at either outside or in. But it’s certainly clean and tidy, and within a few minutes of arriving, I was right at home.

We were greeted by a cheery woman who took our drink orders post-haste, delivered menus and filled us in on the day’s specials.

Charlie’s won me over with four magical words that I always look for in a menu: “Breakfast served all day.” I settled on a three-egg omelette with Swiss cheese and spinach along with a side of baked beans ($6.99). I had the option of substituting cheesy hash brown casserole for 99 cents, and I think I’ll do that next time, because it sounds incredibly delicious.

The omelette was a good-sized affair, and although I’m not sure if the spinach was fresh or frozen, it was delicious. The baked beans also hit the spot, although they couldn’t have been hotter. I savored every bite, and left satiated.

My satiation was in part due to the generosity of my lunch date. To coin a phrase, a friend with fries is a friend indeed. She ordered off the specials board, and got the fried haddock sandwich with coleslaw and a ton of fries for $7.99.

When our meals arrived, I was anxious to dig into mine, but also was green with envy at the feast that lay before my friend. The sandwich was hang-off-the-side-of-Fred-Flintstone’s car big. She referred to it as a “two-fisted” fish sandwich, and had to cut it in half to tackle it.

She said that as far as fish sandwiches go, this was the equivalent of a filet mignon, and the haddock was hot, moist and flaky. Even the roll stood out. As my friend put it so well, “this was not a bargain-basement roll,” but rather a “nice-looking and tasting” one.

As for the mega-mound of hot and crispy plies that covered her plate, she told me to “help myself,” to which I replied, “Oh, I was planning on it!”

Charlie’s Diner has a comprehensive menu to satisfy just about every craving, from pancakes (three for $6.99) and shepherd’s pie ($7.29) to “Our Famous Club” (turkey, ham or chicken salad with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayo, served on three slices of homemade bread and served with chips and a pickle for $7.99). Plus so much more.

If you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned diner food, consider Charlie’s. I’m sure glad I finally made it there.

The staff of GO anonymously samples meals for about $10.


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