BELFAST – More than 150 people gathered at Belfast City Park on Friday evening at sunset for a candlelight vigil in memory of Lynn Arsenault, who was slain at the Belfast home that she shared with her youngest son.

Overlooking Belfast Harbor, the crowd gathered in a section of the park ringed in by candles in white translucent bags, while holding candles in their hands. The sun set as speaker after speaker described working with Arsenault at the local Bank of America call center or shared other fond memories they had of her.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better,” said Chris Day, Arsenault’s oldest son. “It’s so great to see everyone saw in her what I did.”

Arsenault, 55, was fatally shot in the arm and stomach, and her youngest son, Mathew Day, 22, was seriously injured in a shotgun attack at their home at 162 Waldo Ave. on Aug. 28.

Todd Gilday, 44, also of Belfast, has been charged with one count of murder and one felony count of elevated aggravated assault. He been in custody since his arrest on Aug. 29 at Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport, where he checked himself in after the shooting.

Police have not disclosed a motive but confirmed that Gilday and Day knew each other. Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland said earlier this week that any further information about the case would be released in court or in court filings.

Megan Lowe and Valerie Putnam, who had each worked with Arsenault at the Bank of America call center for years, held candles in their hands before the speaking portion of the vigil began. They described Arsenault as “beautiful, outgoing, kind and loving.”

“She cared about everyone like we were family,” Lowe said.

Shawn Doll, a credit manager at Bank of America who acted as an emcee for the event, spoke first after the full crowd had gathered and the sun had nearly set.

“Every day since learning of her passing has been deep despair,” Doll said.

He recited a poem that made people in the crowd laugh and wipe tears from their eyes before turning over the microphone for others to speak.

Another co-worker, Ernestina Pratt, said Arsenault had been her mentor at Bank of America and became a good friend.

“I just want to say I love her with all my heart. She will be my guardian angel,” Pratt said.

Mary Weiss, who had dated Mathew Day when they were younger, said Arsenault was like a mother to her. She lived with Arsenault for two years and went on to follow in her footsteps working at Bank of America.

“I’m not going to let her down,” Weiss said. “I’m going to make her proud.”


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