Brunch: It’s what we do in Portland on weekends. Whether we jump up ready to start the day with exercise, or drag ourselves out of bed on the late side — taking advantage of the chance to sleep in — it’s a good bet that sometime before noon we’ll be sitting down to a plate of eggs or pancakes, washed down with coffee and a brunch cocktail.

But this is Portland, so the food and drink options range far from the standard. We could also be tucking into huevos rancheros, fried chicken and waffles, Caribbean-spiced corned beef hash or Japanese egg pancakes — just a few of the dishes found on brunch menus around the city. has rounded up 28 restaurants where brunch is not just a noun, it’s a verb.

As in, “Let’s brunch.” To which the answer should always be, “Yes!”


— Susan Axelrod


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