Dennis T. Caron’s anti-union guest editorial contained all the myths so dear to the right wing (“Another View: Labor Day editorial painted a too-rosy picture of unions,” Sept. 14). 

Put aside the phony charges of threats to good workers, low-quality teachers and union criminal ties and ask: What are the real issues to focus on? 

As the Labor Day editorial pointed out (“Our View: Middle class is strong when unions are strong,” Sept. 2), the most prosperous days in American history were a result of a fair balance of power between unions and business with both sides tempered by appropriate government regulation. 

That time was post-war America featuring a strong middle class.  Many of us attended college only because of the economic stability of our union member parents and grandparents. 

Now, with unions weakened, what does our economy look like? 

Our manufacturing is at a low point, our workers compete with Third World workers and survival requires two jobs. Imagine what a great world we’d have with no unions.

Joseph Hachey is a resident of Gorham.


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