(Since political operatives are already complaining about the selections, I’ll add what I thought was obvious from the diversity of the tweets: Featuring tweets here is not an endorsement of the opinions expressed by the author of the tweets. — S.M.)

As promised, here are some of highlights from the Twitter feed. 

The first attempt at this made it pretty clear that there are about 20 or so people who consistently use the #mepolitics feed. While posting there isn’t necessary, it’s the easiest to search for tweets about Maine politics. All of that is another way of saying that If the same people keep showing up in Tweets of the Week, the feature may get a little repetitive, and if that happens it won’t last long.

So spread the word to your political friends and get involved. The more voices, the better (that’s more voices, not sock puppets).

Here we go: 

From the left: Liberal blogger Gerald Weinand weighs in on Gov. Paul LePage’s latest reason for opposing Medicaid expansion and the hospital debt payback plan.

From the right: David Sorensen, communications guy for Rep. Kenneth Fredette, not happy with Maine People’s Alliance publicity stunt.

From the fray: Sorensen and UMaine professor Amy Fried duke it out over media play of the MPA giant check publicity stunt, which interrupted the governor’s giant check publicity tour.



From oblivion: Someone apparently forgot to turn off the Astroturf Machine supporting Republican state Senate candidate Paula Benoit. This tweet is from Sept. 14. Benoit was defeated in a special election held Aug. 27.



From the funny: Sorensen pokes fun at former state Sen. Cynthia Dill’s recent column in the BDN

From the Fourth: PPH Portland City Hall reporter Randy Billings had some zingers while live-tweeting the politically-charged nuttery of the City Council meeting on the Congress Square Park, but this one about the infamous "ninja" and tapped-mouth protesters wins.