PORTLAND — Portland will install 36 additional parking pay stations in the Old Port and downtown areas next month as it moves to replace old-fashioned single-space parking meters.

The new solar-powered pay stations allow motorists to pay for parking within a larger area, rather than having a meter for each spot. Motorists park their vehicles, walk to the nearest pay stations, insert money and get a receipt, which they place on the front dashboard to show that they have paid for a certain period of time.

The city installed 18 pay stations last year along Commercial Street and near Maine Medical Center. A news release issued Thursday says the city plans to replace most single-space meters in the downtown area over the next several years.

The pay stations accept coin, debit and credit cards. They are intended to improve ease and efficiency, create neater streetscapes and improve sidewalk snow removal during the winter.

Instructive signs will be installed alongside the pay station to help motorists unfamiliar with them. Parking receipts purchased at the parking stations can be used at metered spots as well.

Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, parking costs $1 per hour and is limited to two hours at the parking station locations. The new pay stations will be installed and activated throughout the month.