Man mutilated in nightclub fight seeks prosthetic ear

A man whose ear was bitten off outside a nightclub during a fight with a co-worker says attempts to reattach it failed and he’s hoping to get a prosthetic.

WPRI-TV reports Wednesday that Jeremy Hilton says he doesn’t have the money to pay for the procedure. He now wears a large plastic cover over the site of the injury.

Police say 21-year-old Nicholas Parlee of Providence got into an argument with the 43-year-old Hilton as they left the club late Saturday. Parlee allegedly grabbed Hilton’s head and bit his ear completely off.

Parlee was charged with mutilation or disabling. It was unclear Wednesday if Parlee was still being held by authorities of if he has an attorney.


School bus driver pulled off job for allegedly texting

A Boston school bus driver is off the job temporarily for allegedly texting while transporting children.

A student at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences said he saw the driver using a cellphone Tuesday morning while driving on Longwood Avenue in the medical district.

The student said the driver appeared to be using a phone as the bus crawled to a stop at a light, then continued using the phone until the light changed and the bus started moving again.

He tells the Boston Herald there were four or five students on board.

SALEM, Mass.

Knife-wielding suspect slashes two on shuttle bus

A female passenger and the bus driver who went to her aid have been slashed with a knife-wielding man on a Salem State University shuttle bus.

A university spokeswoman says a male passenger gave the female passenger a superficial cut on her hand at about 11 a.m. Wednesday, then inflicted a superficial laceration on the driver’s chest when he went to help.

The assailant then got off the bus, into a car and took off. He’s described as a white male with long reddish-blonde hair.