Awww! Come on! Give Down East magazine a break! Fashion magazines have been airbrushing the models on their covers for ages (“Down East magazine attracts criticism for altering photo,” Sept. 19).

I prefer the pretty covers of our Maine scenery because I often see such perfection in our state when I take a drive or just look out my kitchen window. Capturing beauty like that takes good timing and great lighting.

Maine isn’t able to be dressed up and posed in a photographer’s studio, but there are some lucky shots by amateurs featured in this paper as well as the professional ones.

Still, I lament my inability to take a shot that would be gorgeous but for the insidious powerlines obstructing the blue sky and puffy clouds.

Finally, I like the retro feel of the covers when they are Photoshopped (or whatever process). I feel like I’m entering the Norman Rockwell version of Maine.

Is it so wrong to idealize the beauty of our great state when we constantly idealize the women on magazine covers? Besides, Maine often lives up to those covers on many a crisp blue sky day. I have yet to see a woman walking around who looks like a perfect cover girl.

Lisa DeAngelis Lane is a resident of Waldoboro.

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