CAROLINE PELLETIER, assistant to the town planner, shows off the award-winning Freeport town report.

CAROLINE PELLETIER, assistant to the town planner, shows off the award-winning Freeport town report.


When designer Sue Bourdon arrived at the Freeport Town Office last winter to consult with Caroline Pelletier on the annual town report, Pelletier had the cover art all picked out.

Pelletier, assistant to the town planner, was impressed with a photograph taken by Benjamin Williamson of Brunswick.

The Maine Municipal Association was impressed as well — with Williamson’s photo, Bourdon’s design work and the contents of the town report that Pelletier had been working on since the previous autumn.

For all those efforts, the MMA chose Freeport as one of its four “highestquality Annual Reports,” for the second straight year. Some 226 municipalities entered reports this year.

Freeport officials will be recognized and the reports will be displayed at MMA’s annual convention, which takes place today and Thursday at the Augusta Civic Center.

“We were very excited to receive that award for two consecutive years,” Pelletier said. “That is not something that we have achieved in the past.”

Pelletier has been working on the town reports for five years.

“Now I say this is my best one,” she said with a big smile. “I love them all at the moment. The themes are all different. You get to be creative.”

Back to that cover photo.

Williamson took it early in the morning, apparently during Christmas season. The lights of the season and the lamp poles shone down on a wet street winding into the beautiful village. Open it up and “voila,” the back cover shows the Ralph Lauren Polo store.

“For sure that is an eye-catching photo,” Pelletier said. “I was fortunate enough to work with Benjamin Williamson Photography. He took some great photos. When you open it up, it really looks great.”

Nice as the cover is, the MMA considered much more when it checked out the inside of the Freeport town report.

On the back cover, there is useful information regarding the Freeport Community Library, the recycling facility, the Town Hall and online services.

The inside cover provides a note on the 100th anniversary of the town’s signature business, L.L. Bean, as well as a table of contents. dollars,” Levesque said.

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Page 1 contains a dedication in the memory of Mike Pottle, who managed the recycling center, with photos.

Vicki Lowe is recognized as Citizen of the Year on Page 3.

The stories, bio boxes and informational boxes are contained in eye-pleasing, rounded boxes.

Geographical town features such as Winslow Park and Bustins Island, as well as bios of town officials, are inside. Statistical tables are further to the back of the glossy, 48-page production.

“I think it’s a wealth of information about Freeport,” Pelletier said. “We always try to pull out some info for the text boxes. The information on the clam flats, for example, is really useful information.”

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