The all- new Nissan Versa Note is surprisingly big inside.

The all- new Nissan Versa Note is surprisingly big inside.

Nissan is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. No wonder, then, that it has one of the most complete lineups of cars and trucks, with something to satisfy just about any taste and need on the market.

Nissan has the popular Versa sedan as well as its new version, the hatchback Note, both fixed at very affordable prices. The company sells the slightly bigger Sentra, the special looking Cube micro CUV, the unique looking Juke (available with regular or turbocharged engine and front- or all-wheel drive), and the electric Leaf for small-car lovers. For those in the market for a larger sedan, there is the recently redesigned frontwheel drive Altima or its bigger and more luxurious sister, the Maxima. For people who like sports cars, Nissan has the mighty Z, available as a coupe or a roadster, or the ultimate coupe, the 545-horsepower GTR

Nissan is also well known for its SUVs and CUVs, including the vastly popular Rogue and its bigger sibling, the Murano. Should we include the Quest minivan in the lot? And the newly redesigned Pathfinder, along with the traditional Xterra, and the full-sized Armada? Wow—there really is something for everyone!

Lastly, Nissan also produces two major lines of pick-up: the mid-sized Frontier and the big Titan full-sized trucks.

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