The Democratic Governors Association has released a new web ad. It’s not the "American Comeback."

The latter is a campaign run by the Republican Governors Association, which has begun to assert that Republican governors, including Gov. Paul LePage, are the anti-Congress, the doers. Conversely, the DGA spot claims that LePage and some of his counterparts are just like members of Congress, making a direct link to the federal government shutdown and the growing public sentiment that Republicans — specifically tea party Republicans — are responsible for it. 

There are two quick clips of LePage in the spot. Both recycle 2010 campaign footage of LePage talking about the tea party.

The "Walking Dead" also takes a run at Ken Cuccinelli II, the Republican candidate running for governor in Virginia. Reports suggests that Cuccinelli is in deep trouble in his race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Although polls show McAuliffe is hardly beloved, the tea party-backed Cuccinelli is less so. 

A recent Washington Post story reported that so-called establishment Republicans in Virginia are nervous, not just about this year’s election, but the party.

“It’s a party that is disunited, in flux, in transition and defeated,” former Republican congressman Thomas M. Davis told the Post. “We have nominated a ticket that Virginians don’t want to buy.”