As a registered Democrat and usual supporter of Bill Nemitz’s perspective, it seems to me that he was way off base in his column titled “LePage, Collins’ behavior beyond baffling” (Oct. 11).

His first error was to lump an accomplished and thoughtful public servant like Susan Collins with Gov. LePage. That was just the beginning, however.

Nemitz went on to excoriate Sen. Collins for what he viewed as capitulation to the tea party. He ignored, however, the all-out attacks on her launched by the far right wing and supporters of Ted Cruz for rejecting attempts to filibuster regular Senate order.

If Nemitz somehow missed those attacks, he couldn’t possibly have missed the myriad reports shown on nearly every national news outlet, detailing the senator’s efforts toward solving the messy D.C. logjam or her efforts along with other women congressional members to reach a consensus that both parties could finally support.

There is a reason Sen. Collins wins elections in such a convincing manner: She does what is right, despite unwarranted attacks from the fringe extremes of present-day politics!

Maine can be proud of our senator. Bill Nemitz owes her an apology.

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