A Bridgton electrician has been charged with assault on a Central Maine Power Co. worker after being accused of improperly connecting to the utility’s power grid.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s deputies charged Matthew Ferguson, 51, of Bridgton with misdemeanor assault.

The dispute started in Harrison Thursday, Oct. 24, when the CMP worker was at a job site and found that someone had improperly connected to the system’s power supply. The worker reported the information to his supervisor, as he is required to do.

That information was forwarded to the state board that oversees electricians’ licenses, the sheriff’s office said.

The following day in Casco, the CMP worker arrived at another job site where the same electrician was working. Ferguson allegedly attacked the CMP worker and had to be pulled off by another worker, the sheriff’s office said.

Central Maine Power Co. said people illegally tying into the power grid doesn’t happen often but it is of grave concern.

“It does happen from time to time,” said Gail Rice, CMP spokeswoman. “It’s not fair to the vast majority of customers we have that use our service legally and pay their bills.”

She said tampering with a meter or power supply also is dangerous and could lead to injury or death.

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