The indie/pop rock band The Box Tiger has released its second CD, “Set Fire,” and I do believe that is exactly what they’ve done to Maine’s music scene.

Since “indie” implies an underground sound, one the masses would not usually lock into, and “pop” is more of an easy-going and relatable music genre, one would not easily put these terms together. But I suppose that is what art is all about.

Charging into the first track, “Bleeding Heart,” Sonia Sturino’s enigmatic voice leads, followed by energetic and dynamic drumming by Marcus Cipparrone and tasty guitar work by Jordan Stowell. Bassist Benjamin Tran holds down the grooves with simple and understated bass lines, lending a polished, put-together sound that speaks to indie and pop music lovers alike.

The second track, “The Hollow,” is quite different in tempo and feel from the first track, slowing things down a tad, but never losing the dynamics introduced at the start.

“Hospital Choir” starts out with strumming acoustic guitar, which is a nice change to mix things up a bit towards the middle of the album. Sturino’s voice is lovely here, lonely and stark.

Still, the band manages to build the music and use dynamics to keep the listener motivated and chugging along on a roller coaster of genuine and profound rock.

“Unmasked” is a uniquely layered track, with cheerful bass lines following a strumming guitar and electric guitar echoing notes in the background. It’s less structured and tight than many of the other songs, going more for a loose feeling.

The Box Tiger has a bit of a vintage punk sound, with Sturino’s voice being strong and a little quirky at the same time. The guitar sound is not as abrasive as a punk act, but extremely well done and palatable.

Every song has its own flair, a personality built on real heart.

Check out The Box Tiger on or Bandcamp to listen to or buy “Set Fire” and get all the updates on where they will be performing next.

Kristin DiCara-McClellan is a Portland freelance writer.


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