ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. – Democrats in Vermont’s Caledonia County want the Legislature and Gov. Peter Shumlin to re-evaluate the state’s energy policy to protect high-elevation areas from wind development projects.

The Caledonia County Democratic Committee recently passed a resolution seeking to have the state Democratic Committee call on the Legislature and Shumlin’s input.

Stephen Amos, who chairs the Caledonia County Democratic Committee, said Thursday there was a belief that the Legislature did not thoroughly look at all viable options for renewable energy resources, and the Shumlin administration was too eager to sign into law the “need” for developing industrial wind.

“What this resolution is requesting is that Vermont take a more in-depth look toward our future energy interests, and reliably identify our needs, without the pressure of big interests and lots of money,” Amos said.

The Caledonian Record reported the resolution proposes the state’s energy policy be reassessed and that “appropriate” changes be made to a statute to account for high-elevation power projects “that are attentive and accountable on issues of environmental destruction, wildlife habitat, and human health impacts.”

It was suggested by Keith Ballek of Sheffield, who’s been arrested for protesting at a wind project in the Northeast Kingdom. His town is home to 16 industrial-scale wind turbines owned by First Wind.

“Now corporate interests – industrial wind developers and their lobbyists – are driving Vermont’s environmental and energy policy,” the preface to the resolution said.

“This is being carried out under the guise of ‘green energy.”’

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