So Monday was a dead news day, right? 

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud owned the news cycle again Monday, but Tuesday the focus will begin to shift to Gov. Paul LePage, who launches his celebratory kickoff in Augusta.

Like Michaud’s announcement Monday, LePage’s launch will be a controlled event. The press will be screened and roped off and it appears reporters won’t get much access to the governor other than his speech. 

The LePage campaign is pushing a few narratives for the event, some of which should be familiar to those who regularly follow the governor. Brent Littlefield, the LePage’s political adviser, said last week that the event will lean heavily on the governor’s personal story and his policy achievements, which even his critics will admit are extensive, though they may disagree with them. 

On Monday, Littlefield sent a statement that said the event will feature endorsements that reflect LePage’s broad appeal to independent and Democratic voters. The Democrat, Cindy Robbins, is described by the campaign as an "active, primary-voting Democrat who will stand to endorse Paul LePage." Robbins, who owns Poland Springs Resort, has donated to Michaud before, and to former U.S. Rep. Tom Allen and Democratic state Sen. John Cleveland, who represents Robbins’ district. 

Theresa Dempsey, described as a mother and an Air Force veteran, will talk about governor’s efforts against domestic violence. 

Maine Republican Party Chairman Rick Bennett will talk about LePage "as a turnaround specialist." Remember that. "Turnaround specialist." It will likely be a dominant theme during LePage’s campaign.

Also, check out this intro clip from LePage’s camp in 2010, which the campaign has been promoting on its Facebook page. Hightlight: The slow-motion coin flip.