YARMOUTH — Holly Hurd, a recent graduate of the American and New England Studies program at the University of Southern Maine, will give an illustrated presentation on the subject of her master’s work, “The Religious Revival in North Yarmouth, 1791-1793.”

In the early 1790s, the Congregational church in North Yarmouth — which included modern day Yarmouth, North Yarmouth and Cumberland — experienced a religious revival that was the largest in Maine since the Great Awakening of the 1730s and ’40s.

During a surge of revivalism over a period of twoand a-half years, the church more than doubled in size. This movement was noteworthy because it occurred at a time when Congregationalism was experiencing severe challenges in Maine — sects were growing rapidly and disrupting the church establishment, especially in the rural interior. This talk will describe the circumstances that contributed to the revival and the movement’s distinctive qualities.

The talk is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Yarmouth History Center, 118 East Elm St. The cost is $3 for members and $5 for nonmembers.

For more information, visit www.yarmouthmehistory.org.

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