Georgetown artist Dahlov Ipcar has produced new paintings over the past two years, and Frost Gully gallery will present the works during the same week that the artist celebrates her 96th birthday.

Ipcar continues to present new ideas within the context that she has been working in for over seventy years. Together, these new paintings present a whimsical, fascinating tour through the Ipcar world that we are quite familiar with. But there are many surprises. The juxtaposition of animals that are usually enemies is not new, but some of the light-hearted combinations are. And Ipcar brings these subjects together as willing members of visual compositions that bring us new examples of the Ipcar genius with design and visual dynamics.



After all these years and all these paintings, Ipcar still surprises us with new ways of looking and relating to her subjects. In “Night at Arms” it’s as though she had created the subject – not just interpreted it. In “Arrival” the animals have exchanged their spots and stripes – a wonderful and interesting manipulation of our sense of perception. The whole composition is so alive and joyful and all the devices that the artist has employed work together in producing a painting that is simply a great experience.

ABOVE ARE THREE WORKS by Dahlov Ipcar currently on display at Frost Gully Gallery in Freeport.

ABOVE ARE THREE WORKS by Dahlov Ipcar currently on display at Frost Gully Gallery in Freeport.

On November 17, a reception for Ipcar will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. at Frost Gully Gallery, 1159 U.S. Route 1, in Freeport, one mile north of L.L. Bean.

In addition to the new paintings, a selection of Giclee reproductions and lithograph prints by the artist will also be available for viewing.

For additional information and images of the works included in this exhibition, visit the website at The exhibition will run from Nov. 18 to Dec. 28, 2013.

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