RUMFORD (AP) — New- Page paper says it’s shutting down one of the Rumford paper mill machines in mid- February. A union official said more than 100 workers could be affected by the decision.

Mill spokesman Anthony Lyons said workers were notified Tuesday that the No. 12 paper machine will shut down “indefinitely.”

The Sun Journal said the No. 12 machine manufactures coated paper used in catalogs and magazines. Lyons said the mill produces about 550,000 tons of coated paper each year.

Lyons told the newspaper that the number of workers affected by the shutdown is unknown, but Ron Hemingway, president of the Local 900 United Steelworkers, said that 25 people work on the paper machine but the ripple effect means “around 120 people” could be affected.

All told, the mill employs 830 workers.

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