Cheating is when a person acts dishonestly on purpose. It could happen to anyone anywhere just to get done with something. It could happen in school or work. In education, cheating would be copying someone else’s ideas and putting it in a project or essay. If anyone cheats, he or she will cheat only themselves.

To them, cheating will get easier every time and studying will not be serious anymore. If students had any problem the day before and were not ready to take a test, it will be more satisfying to talk about these problems and work them out instead of cheating. In order to get individuals to not lie to themselves, schools and colleges should encourage them to use the tutoring center or any place that offers help.

I believe that schools are places for people to be educated and not to cheat; students should take it seriously and understand that when you cheat, the person you cheat is you.

Fatima Issa,


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