I write in response to your story regarding “civility.” I take exception to the writer comparing my remarks at City Council meetings to Gov. Paul LePage’s “comparison of a state legislator to an anal rapist.”

Why don’t you interview me, get the facts and write a story about the important issue of speeding snow plows needlessly destroying property? Portland taxpayers have $240,000 in the budget for negligent acts that are 100 percent preventable. This translates to $2.4 million in 10 years.

I have spent the last 12 years respectfully and professionally asking and begging Michael Bobinsky, director of Public Services, to slow the snow plows down. I have provided suggestions, handouts and more than a dozen Power Points presentations for training purposes which have all gone for naught.

Bobinksy is responsible for speeding snow plows throwing snow and chemicals up to 40 feet. A row of my trees died and the city refused to reimburse me. That is stealing in my view. My fence was damaged in December and finally completely destroyed in February by speeding plows throwing heavy, wet, cement-like snow 38 feet. The cost exceeds $10,000, including city labor.

I have gone to City Hall 23 times since February asking for help. The city councilors continue to sit on their hands. Their mind-set is to look the other way.

Janet Daigle

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