I am writing in response to Rep. Brian Bolduc’s statement on “brainless truckers.”

His statement may have been directed at truckers in Auburn, but I am taking this as a personal attack (“State House Notebook: Political actors play roles as probe stirs up casino bid,” Dec. 16).

As the daughter of a successful trucker, I know the hard work my father has put in to keeping his small business afloat.

My father is nowhere near “brainless,” nor are any of those other truckers. They are the most resourceful and intelligent people you will ever meet. For my whole life, my father has risen at 2 a.m. to haul wood to put food on the table for his family.

There is no need for surveillance on these truckers. They are just doing their jobs, and unfortunately for Rep. Bolduc, that includes the use of jake brakes. Until he knows the meaning of hard work and the value of a dollar, I suggest he leave our blue-collar workers alone so they can do their jobs.

Rep. Bolduc is supposed to be working for the people of Maine, but instead, he ridicules those very same workers who pay his salary. He is not the type of person any hardworking Mainer would ever want representing them, and I suggest he consider resigning.

Catherine MacDonald

MacDonald Trucking & Excavation



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