It is unfortunate to see the number of news stories that have mischaracterized the Maine Audubon report “Wind Power and Wildlife in Maine” and the response by Friends of Maine’s Mountains as a clash between environmental groups (“Maine environmental groups clash over wind power,” Dec. 12).

To be clear, the Maine Audubon Society is an environmental group that has a long history of using scientific research to encourage public policies to protect wildlife.

In contrast, the Friends of Maine’s Mountains is a special interest group with the central purpose of protecting the status quo, regardless of the consequences to the greater good of the environment.

Maine Audubon issued a carefully researched report noting that with proper siting considerations, including the protection of Maine’s mountains, there is considerable room for growth of wind power in Maine for the overall benefit of the environment. The Friends of Maine’s Mountains disagrees based on their very narrow mission to oppose any wind power development.

It is really a question of perspective. Begin by asking the question: “What sources of future energy required by our society, based on known technology, provide the best overall protection for the environment while providing sustainable habitat for wildlife?”

Then you come to a conclusion that is shared by all science-based environmental groups and others, including Maine Audubon, the Natural Resources Council of Maine, the National Wildlife Federation, the American Lung Association, Oceanus, more than 80 percent of Maine citizens and many more.

This diverse coalition represents tens of thousands of Mainers from all walks of life across our great state supporting wind energy.

It’s time to set aside the rhetoric and focus on the facts.

The Friends of Maine’s Mountains is a very vocal minority of individuals who are willing to sacrifice renewable energy progress and a cleaner environment for their own gain.

Paul Williamson

executive director, Maine Ocean and Wind Energy Initiative



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