A letter by William Vaughan Jr. (“Column right on insurance; it’s truly intergenerational theft,” Nov. 19) quoted Stanley Druckenmiller and others: “Many seniors with greater means nearing retirement age will pocket a handsome profit.”

And in Vaughan’s own words, “Elders today are being supported by younger people who are required to pay into Social Security.”

That, my friend, is ludicrous.

I am not supported by anyone. The check I receive from Social Security every month is drawn from the money that I paid into it for all of my working life, 53 years.

I have children who work and grandchildren who work. They all pay into Social Security. Are you trying to tell me that I am committing theft against them?

I am supremely disgusted with all of you who are pushing the propaganda that seniors and the elderly are leeches on the haunches of the young.The insinuation of generational theft is abhorrent.

Oh, and by the way, don’t get your tail in a twist when you see that I live in Cape Elizabeth. I am not a “senior with greater means.” I rent a small but cozy apartment.

Marlee Hill

Cape Elizabeth

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