Regarding “Our View: Bayside’s future will be wet without investment” (Dec. 17), subtitled “The debate over change in the neighborhood should focus on more than aesthetics”:

Little is said about the possibility and effect that an earth tremor (i.e., a small earthquake) would have on a 16-story residential tower built on fill.

One only needs to ask those who have experienced one (Oct. 16, 2012) in the 10-story buildings that already exist in Bayside. Why are there no cellars in these buildings? Not only because of the tidal waters that threaten but also because of the structural challenges that occur when constructing a building on fill.

Naturally, when a construction company promotes a building to its stockholders, height equals profit. But if residential apartments are planned for these proposed buildings, mentioning the possibility of a building swaying and vases crashing is a no-no. Let the buyer beware.

Marta Morse



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