Dear Press Herald Toy Fund,

I am a single mom. I do get lots of help for some things, my money does not stretch for extras. My son is a teenager with Asberger’s syndrome. It is harder and harder as he gets older. My daughter has been ill and the medication has been very expensive. They are both kind, polite, friendly kids who try their very best. That is why it hurts that I can’t give them a nice Christmas. They deserve more than I can do.

Thank you for trying to help. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Happy holidays!

– Single mom with teenagers

The Portland Press Herald Toy Fund aims to provide toys for 7,000 children in Cumberland, York, Sagadahoc, Lincoln and Knox counties.

Donations can also be made on the website or checks can be made out to the Portland Press Herald Toy Fund and mailed to P.O. Box 7310, Portland, ME 04112. The campaign’s fundraising goal this year is $300,000.

The total raised so far is $107,653.74

In loving memory of Grampy TJ and Uncle Mike from Meghan & Erin O’Donovan…$100

Richard Herman…$50


In lieu of Christmas gifts for Pam & Bruce Bicknell – Brian Bicknell…$100

Nathaniel & Karen Hammond…$100

Walter Vietze…$150

H W Longfellow Chapter, AHEPA, in memory of brothers who have left us…$200

In memory of Anna, Louis & Maria…$40

From Cassie & Grandfather…$50

Merry Christmas – Rick & Cindy Slaney…$20

In memory of Joe (son-in-law-1995-ALS-age 39), David & Marijean Warren…$100

In Memory of Laurence S Allen, Sr & Lou F (Allen) Nichols, from Beverly, Missy, Larry, Donna & Lonnie Allen…$100

In Memory of Mom & Pop Perry, from Beverly & Lonnie Allen…$100

In Memory of Mrs Sally Simpson, from Beverly & Lonnie Allen…$50

May God bless those with less! Henry Dozier & E Addison…$20

Marty & Terri Darling…$100

In loving memory of John & Alice Flaherty…$50

In loving memory of Miss H from Mrs A…$25

In loving memory of Gavino & Aviana…$100

In memory of Robert & Elizabeth Booth…$160

In memory of Augusten Thomas-Parker…$50

In honor of Portland Press Herald Employees – Lisa DeSisto…$600

In memory of Michael Baker from Queenie Thayer & Siano’s Restaurant…$600

Portland Press Herald cocoa & cookies at the tree lighting…$311

Miss Portland Diner & friends…$1000

In memory of Grammy & Grampa Hawkes…$50

Portland Press Employee Holiday Sweet Treat Contest…$633.08

Toy Fund Book & Candy sale…$610

In memory of Caoimhe from Dad, Declan & Eoin…$1000

Merry Christmas from The Micoleau Family…$100

In Loving Memory of Roman Maxsimic – Katherine Maxsimic…$50

In lieu of Christmas gifts to Beth Thompson and Rick Andrews – Warner Price & Cynthia McDougall…$100

Richard & Claire Corbin…$250

In honor of Max, Matilda, Joss, Isabella, Anica & Wyatt – Terri Messer…$100

In loving memory of our son, Jonathan Michael Sawyer – Joy & Peter Sawyer…$100

In loving memory of Nancy Foshay and Nancy Mchugh – Don’s Foshay’s Discount Tire & Alignment…$100

In memory of cousin Barbara – Alexandra & Edward Ulrich…$100

Cynthia & Robert Macomber…$50

C.E.F.D. House Company NO. 2…$200

In memory of Dad – Amy Shinn…$100


Maine Nephrology Assoc. Staff…$240

In lieu of Christmas gifts for our doctors, Happy Holidays. – The Scarborough team at Casco Bay EyeCare…$35

To bring joy to a family in need – Rose Mary Beach…$50

Martin Feeney Jr….$100

In memory of Gram with love -– Tom, Patty, Kate, Hans & Neil…$100

Cumberland Santa ( Peter Castonia)…$100

Merry Christmas!! Jonathan Brook & Ashley LaChance…$100

Hester & Byron Stuhlman…$20

Nana & Nelly…$20

Kate Millard…$50

Elizabeth & Joseph Allegretta…$100

In memory of my parents Damaris & Dexter Hunneman – Melissa Sieg…$20

In memory of my sister Mary Bibro Davis, mother Mildrid H. Davis and father William E. Davis – Frederick Davis…$150