After reading Martin Jones’ Maine Voices column on the minimum-wage debate (“Increasing the minimum wage a bad way to help the working poor,” Dec. 18), I decided I would love to send him a Christmas Carol … the experience, that is.

The genius that was Charles Dickens knew all too well that Mr. Jones’ view of employers is a naive one, and that an Ebenezer Scrooge lurks in the heart of most business owners, big and small, with profit motive ruling supreme, even if at the expense of their less advantaged employees (who, they believe, should go start their own business if they want money).

While there are some businesses that have some level of regard for their fellow man (and woman), such as Tom’s of Maine and Newman’s Own, most couldn’t care less and would happily pay the lowest wages they can get away with.

The gap between rich and poor widens, and unless Mr. Jones and his self-serving cohorts get some input from a few wise and scary night visitors, Christmas Day and beyond will be no different, and, alas, Tiny Tim will die!

Ralph Zieff


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