If Obamacare is fully implemented, how many cancer patients will die waiting for treatment they can now get immediately? How many who need expensive and extensive care will be denied such resources by bureaucrats tasked to cut costs?

How many millions will lose their quality of life because the federal government’s bureaucracy deems the individualized care that we now count on as being too inefficient? How many families on the budgetary brink will go over the edge into insolvency paying for policies with features they never would have chosen for themselves?

Every drop of preventable human suffering that will be, and is now being, caused by Obamacare was predicted by conservatives years ago. Many Republicans sacrificed much to try and stop this juggernaut. The media intentionally did not report on the problems with the law until it was too late.

Democrats impugned the patriotism of opponents of the law. For example, Sen. Harry Reid called Sen. Ted Cruz and the tea party “terrorists” and “anarchists.”

Every policy that will ultimately produce misery for each American family was known to the politicians and lawyers who crafted the details of Obamacare. They simply decided that fostering President Obama’s vision and legacy was a higher priority than the actual health care of the American people.

We have lost control over the most intimate and personal of our choices: We’ve lost control over how we will care for our own bodies. If we want to regain control of our very persons, we will not support a single Democrat who voted for Obamacare in any capacity.

In Maine, this means that Reps. Mike Michaud’s and Chellie Pingree’s votes to put us through this needless ordeal should cost them the vote in 2014 of any Mainer harmed by this law.

Ralph K. Ginorio


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