Admittedly, the school facilities in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel are dated and require major TLC. But is every homeowner in Kennebunk prepared for a 9.3 percent tax increase if the school bond passes Jan. 21?

And according to the letter we received from the town, these estimates are before “other possible increases … not considered in this estimation.”

In 2010, the RSU Action Strategy did conclude that we needed to “identify for each building a 10-year capital improvement plan that addresses any structural or systems needs, as well as instructional and programmatic needs.” If this plan has been in the works for three years, why does it suddenly need a special January vote with a $25 million performing arts center wrapped in?

Additionally, the daily operational costs of four new huge buildings are not included. There is no denying we have several facilities in need of some very major renovations or redos – but the plan calls for spending $74.83 million plus interest (hence, the total of $113.6 million).

Does this plan invest any money in teachers? Has anyone addressed the elephant in the room – tenure and improved salaries for quality teachers?

These plans are a “perfect world” scenario, with two new community schools, a new high school, new fields, parking lots and the $25 million stand-alone performing arts building. What type of prudent business plan spends $113 million all at once?


With the speed of change today, who knows what the 2038 classroom will look like. Should we invest so much so fast? Can we please have a more fiscally responsible, prudent plan for all?

Please vote Jan. 21 or get and send in your absentee ballot.

Greg Burke


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