My heart goes out to the wonderful people of Monhegan Island for the decisions that will affect them and generations to come (“Monhegan residents voice concerns over proposed offshore wind project,” Dec. 28).

I have been an advocate of alternative energy sources, including wind power, to improve our lives while diminishing use of pollutant energy sources like coal, nuclear or oil.

Mainers were told it would improve our lives while offering less expensive, environmentally friendly electricity. The reality is something quite different.

While we sacrifice our hill- and mountaintops and our coastal waters, our major energy distributor Central Maine Power (owned by a foreign company) has used our own state government to sell us a bill of goods that defies everything promised.

Tranquility is replaced by noise, and a convenient grid accessing all energy sources and promising less expensive rates has not materialized for us.

The grid is a pipeline that spreads radio frequency waves via smart meters like a plague throughout our neighborhoods and falls short of delivery. As for less expensive electricity, I know of no one in Maine whose electric bills are less than they were before all this began.


Our sacrifices have, however, provided CMP with contracts to sell inexpensive electricity to states south of us. As for economic impact, I would like to see proof of how many permanent jobs have been created.

Why haven’t hilltops in the Berkshires or the Adirondacks and coastline waters in Massachusetts, New York or New Jersey been allowed to develop this great alternate source to supply their own citizens? Perhaps they have public utility commissions and state environmental groups that actually serve their citizens.

Maine has sacrificed quite enough for corporate interests that do not vote, and Monhegan Island and its wonderful history and people might end a way of life we dearly cherish in our collective psyches.

Loretta M. Turner



This letter was corrected at 3:30 p.m. on Jan. 13, 2014, to reflect that the role of Central Maine Power Co. is to transmit and distribute power sold by independent companies.


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