The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a massive free trade agreement that would have profound impacts on non-trade issues such as the safety of our food, offshoring American jobs, the cost of medicine, financial regulations, the environment, and the global race to the bottom. I don’t think that anything good could come out of a trade deal that has locked out our democratically elected congressional leaders, while allowing global corporations to have a big influence on the text. The agreement is not good for our district, our state, our country, or (when you get down to it) our world.

President Obama wants to introduce fast track so he can ram the treaty through Congress like his predecessors did with NAFTA and the WTO. This is not the democracy that I know and love, nor the democracy that I know you believe in and fight for every day. Do not allow our country’s system of checks and balances to be steamrolled and do not allow your constitutionally given trade authority to be seized.

Vote no on fast track. Vote no on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Dan Rynberg


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