It was about a year ago when I fell and broke my clavicle. I’d like to say it happened in a skiing accident in Saddleback. But no, it was a ridiculous accident that happened at home.

Those who know me realize that this accident could not have happened at a worse time.

I called a friend first and then 911. My friend arrived with her husband in seconds. She accompanied me to the hospital, and her husband stayed with my children.

By the time I got home from the ER, Yarmouth friends had planned dinners for the next month. They had confiscated my calendar, and our appointments were covered, carpooling was planned, groceries were dropped off, and no stone was left unturned. Their kindness continued full force during my surgery and recovery.

Throughout this ordeal, my church, First Parish, called regularly and offered to do all the things that Yarmouth friends were doing.

Things like snow removal just happened miraculously. Everything that was broken in my house was fixed. And this Christmas, our friends and church were there again, surprising us in amazing ways.

Life can throw you seemingly insurmountable challenges, but good people can make all the difference. Yarmouth carried me through and turned a bad fracture into a positive memory.

Thanks to all the people of Yarmouth who are such beautiful role models for my children, as well as for me.

Valerie Hamilton

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