It bothers me a bit that all the articles about Mike Michaud in the newspapers now mention that he is gay, with that as the focus instead of his record.

I am glad he is out of the closet, and I am glad he could be the first openly gay governor, and I am super-glad that EqualityMaine has endorsed him.

But I feel that to now start calling him the “gay candidate” takes away from all the other things he is and has been. He is and has been a very dedicated politician for Maine – all of Maine.

If I did not think he had all of Maine’s interest in mind as he works, I would not vote for him – gay or not. And that is exactly why I will not vote for Eliot Cutler – I don’t think he has all of Maine as his interest and concern.

I think Eliot Cutler’s own ego has led him to run in spite of knowing it could throw us right back to the mess we now have. He could have run as a Democrat and won. I just don’t think he has the mindset of a true independent. I think being independent was just another way of trying to get in the limelight.

Back to my original point: I am proud of and voting for Mike because of the work he has done for Maine – not because he is a gay politician. And that does not mean I agree with everything he believes, but I do trust his intentions.

Kathy Wilson


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