Birds of a feather! Now we see that an impeached president swore in the new mayor of New York City. Yes, Bill Clinton administered the oath of office to Mayor Bill de Blasio. That makes one wonder how well this fiasco will turn out, doesn’t it?

Why does that surprise anyone, since de Blasio served in Clinton’s administration and was on Hillary Clinton’s campaign when she ran for the Senate? New Yorkers cannot seem to choose candidates who are clean and without shady dealings of one sort or another.

The same birds of a feather seem to haunt those Illinois politicians, who not only follow each other to jail but show little honesty and fairness to us hardworking Americans.

The questions seem more relevant now regarding our current chief executive as more and more things appear that were either ignored or covered up by a complicit media.

The downright debacle known as the Affordable Care Act, or what many call “Obamacare,” is showing the ineptitude that this administration has shown and is desperately trying to sweep under the rug. He should have majored in business administration rather than constitutional law, I guess.

As we hardworking Americans struggle to keep our heads above water, the president and family spent a 17-day vacation in expensive and trendy Hawaii. I have seen cost figures that run around $4 million, while 1.3 million Americans lose their long-term unemployment benefits. How nice!

George A. Fogg

North Yarmouth

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