At 11:50 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 7, Windham police responded to the Highland Cliff Road in Windham for a report of an adult man who had just attacked his father with a stick and a knife, according to a press release released by the Sergeant Jim Boudreau Tuesday afternoon.

Boudreau said the father was able to flee the home and took refuge in a locked vehicle until police arrived. When they arrived, officers interviewed the father about the incident and determined it was a mental health issue influenced by chronic pain, he said.

After determining from the father that there were no firearms in the home, officers forcefully entered the front entrance of the residence that had been barricaded. They quickly determined that the subject had barricaded himself in his second-floor bedroom, he said.

Officers attempted to negotiate with the subject for more than 40 minutes, at which time officers forcefully entered the room and subdued the subject without resistance, Boudreau said.

After apprehending the subject, Windham Rescue members restrained the man and placed him in an ambulance for mental health transport to Maine Medical Center, he said.

In the area of the Windham/Westbrook line on Route 302, the subject managed to free himself of the restraints and attacked and injured a Windham paramedic in the back of the ambulance. Windham police responded, and the subject was again subdued and placed in restraints. A police officer accompanied the subject to the hospital, Boudreau said.

At the hospital, the subject again became unruly, attacking and punching a nurse in the face, he said.

Boudreau said the investigation on the three attacks is under way and that the subject’s name will not be released. Once the investigation is complete, he said the matter will be turned over to the Cumberland County Attorney General’s office for consideration of prosecution.

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