What’s with the cheap shot at the Red Sox by Christopher Hyde in the Dec. 22 review of the Josh Gibson opera (“Classical Beat: USM composer’s operatic ode to a heroic – and tragic – baseball legend”)?

“Maybe the Red Sox will come on board.” Come on board? Come on board for what? Commissioning a new opera? Integration? Retiring Pumpsie Green’s number?

Haven’t the Sox redeemed themselves yet for their being slow to integrate half a century past? If Pumpsie Green didn’t provide redemption, how about Jim Rice, Earl Wilson, Tommy Harper, Mo Vaughn, Pedro and Big Papi?

How about Ted Williams’ Hall of Fame induction speech in which he advocated opening the doors of the Hall to Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson “as symbols of the great Negro players who are not here only because they weren’t given the chance”?

Must a music reviewer dredge up an ancient slight with a gratuitous swipe at the 2013 team, an organization that has undergone a thorough makeover since 1959? If he was seeking a local touch, why couldn’t he have pointed to Ted Williams as one who raised his very powerful voice to champion Josh Gibson?

Would this music man condemn the Sox to purgatory, there to flagellate themselves indefinitely?

Ted Hargrove



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