I read with interest the Jan. 3 editorial (“Our View: Education tax credit deserves higher profile”) regarding the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit, which applies to students who go to post-secondary schools in Maine and stay in Maine.

Yes, the state should publicize this benefit and find ways for more students to sign up.

The state, however, should go one step further and expand this tax credit to include Maine students who leave the state for college and return to Maine to work and potentially start families.

This would provide one more incentive to help stop the “brain drain” and celebrate young people who explore different states, new cities and varied cultures and bring back those experiences to make our state a better place.

Given the fact that we are the oldest state in the nation (43.5 years, according to the U.S. Census), we need our most valued resource to come home. Let’s encourage it!

Katherine Maxsimic



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