It is heartening to learn that the town of Falmouth’s Land Management and Acquisitions Committee voted unanimously to recommend that the town help fund the effort to conserve the northern half of Clapboard Island. Our town only has four islands, and this is a once-in-several-lifetimes chance to secure public access to a place that could be enjoyed by current and future generations for a variety of recreational uses. They just aren’t making Maine Islands anymore.

As article stated, this all started with a small group of people who took the initiative to create a land trust that provides thoughtful public access to part of Clapboard Island. The Friends of Clapboard Island group has formed alliances with the Falmouth Land Trust, Maine Coast Heritage Trust and they now seek the support of the town of Falmouth and its residents. Without a successful fundraising campaign our option to acquire the property will expire and it will remain inaccessible to all. Projects like this only happen if there is strong community support. I urge readers to talk with a member of The Friends of Clapboard, Falmouth Land Trust, Maine Coast Heritage Trust or town councilors to learn more about the project and show your support for this inshore island treasure.

David Gooch