I have read many opinions recently on the RSU 21 bond and find the dialogue between the supporters and opponents of this bond encouraging.

What I am disappointed about is the negativity and wish we could continue with the correct facts rather than personal attacks on individuals or groups.

There are two sides to every issue, so reading reliable sources, researching other Maine schools doing the same (South Portland High) and touring our schools will assist in making the right choice for you.

Providing incorrect information only confuses the issue for both sides. There must be a better way to gain support than attacking the integrity of school board members or suggesting RSU 21 did not provide adequate maintenance over the years. Continuing these attacks does not change the facts.

This bond will go to a vote on Jan. 21. The best part – we all have a voice by voting. Nothing would be better if we had a record turnout for this vote. So please don’t use the weather as a deterrent – get your absentee ballot today!

As it relates to my vote, it will be “yes”! I will no longer have children in the district as of June, but I trust in the concept of “paying it forward” and feel it is my responsibility, as a homeowner in this district, to do so.


Keeping current with technology, arts, sciences and sports in our schools will prepare our children for the much more competitive world we see today and make for a forward-thinking community to thrive.

Sheryl Burns



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