My name is Lucien Langlois, and I am a native of Maine. I am a professional truck driver using the Maine Turnpike each day to make my deliveries. To say the last couple of weeks have been challenging is an understatement.

The Turnpike Authority has these big blue signs on the side of the highway posted here and there with flashing yellow lights. When the lights are flashing, you are supposed to tune to 1610 AM on your radio.

Has anyone tuned in to this to get an update on the current situation regarding the turnpike? What a joke. You can barely understand the lady’s voice over the static.

As a Mainer, I am embarrassed and outraged that this is the best we can do. I can only imagine what the thousands of tourists who use the highway annually think. I know Maine Turnpike Authority Executive Director Peter Mills can do better than this.

Lucien Langlois



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