This is in response to the letter writer who is concerned about “dangerously weird weather” in Maine (“Dangerously weird weather needn’t be in our future,” Jan. 11).

Apparently the writer believes evil entities are responsible for rain in winter, and kids walking on ice in winter. That’s weird.

She seems saddened by “blowing through” funds “clearing ice as opposed to snow.” That’s weird, on two levels. First, it has both rained and snowed this winter, leaving both ice and snow. Secondly, the funds used to clear ice and snow are going into the pockets of Maine families who clear ice and snow.

She is concerned about “hundreds of thousands” of Maine livelihoods dependent on stable climate; specifically, she mentions the ski industry, shrimp fisheries and outdoorsmen.

In the 1990s, the ski industry dried up due to El Nino. That seemed weird, but it was a natural occurrence.

She is concerned for shrimp dwelling in “cool ocean waters.” Have shrimp been subjected to warm ocean waters off Maine?


And she asks about outdoorsmen finding moose dead from “Lyme-infested arachnids.” Has this calamity put an end to the moose hunt?

She ends her piece by stating how “solutions offering … hope” are creating new jobs and stabilizing climate. Weird weather is creating jobs? Moreover, what is stabilizing, given that she points out weird weather only?

The writer seems concerned that technology is lacking. Like every aspect through time, power sources evolve and progress at a certain pace.

All Mainers, representatives in Augusta and Sens. Angus King and Susan Collins should reject politically driven commerce-controlling regulation, avoid agenda politics and focus on improving the chronically poor economy, because the current administration in Washington is dangerously weird.

Kevin Benjamin

South Portland

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