Gov. LePage would rather buy electricity from Canada than continue to invest in skilled, clean jobs in Maine.

Renewable energy is putting thousands of Maine people to work while at the same time producing clean, renewable power, reducing air pollution and helping to grow our economy.

But, unfortunately, the vast majority of the electricity consumed in Maine – and the United States – still comes from harmful, polluting fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas.

While Maine has made great strides in advancing clean energy technology, it is important for lawmakers in Augusta to promote further investment in this burgeoning industry.

In the past decade, renewable power producers reportedly have invested more than $2.5 billion in taxable property in Maine – a figure no other industry has come close to.

That’s why I am appalled that the LePage administration has proposed, for the fourth consecutive year, to roll back the law that was enacted nearly 15 years ago with bipartisan support to encourage renewable power generation here in Maine.


The law, which ensures that wind and solar stay competitive in Maine, has created thousands of jobs, cut down on harmful pollution and helped to keep more of Mainers’ energy dollars in the state. The governor’s proposal to buy Canadian power instead would put Maine’s clean energy jobs at risk and send millions of dollars out of state.

In short, Maine’s renewable energy law is working for Maine people and businesses. This should be celebrated and protected. I urge Maine lawmakers to reject, for the fourth time, the governor’s proposal to roll back policies that support Maine’s renewable energy businesses.

Barbara DiBiase




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