Constantly hearing of Gov. LePage’s “great achievements,” one must assume that the “Open for Business” sign he posted at the gateway to our state has produced outstanding results.

Business leaders across the nation attracted to Maine by the supposedly business-friendly climate created by this administration should be flocking to our state, bringing with them new, well-paying jobs and prosperity for all.

I would suggest LePage post another sign nearby that reveals the true nature of his administration – its lack of compassion. The sign should read, “Closed to all outsiders seeking only to take fraudulent advantage of our generosity.”

Regrettably, LePage’s relentless pursuit of the business community and alleged fraud in our welfare system has not produced the great results he promised us in both areas.

There are Mainers who actually condone wasting our taxpayers’ dollars on courting unresponsive businesses and witch hunts that will not legitimize baseless allegations of fraud by welfare recipients.

It appears that LePage means to welcome into our state only people of wealth and substance who can provide benefits for residents of Maine. He would reject “those people from away” who will dishonestly (in his judgment) reap benefits only for themselves.


Paraphrasing the late President John F. Kennedy, our message to these unwelcome intruders is obliged to be: “Ask not what we can do for you – ask only what you can do for us.”

Despite all his claims of “great achievements,” Gov. LePage has only succeeded in further diminishing the once-proud image of our state.

Phyllis Kamin


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