Re: Edward Murphy’s Jan. 16 interview with Harold Clossey, new president of the Maine Development Foundation (“A Word With the Boss: Harold Clossey builds on Maine Development Foundation’s vision”):

So frequently we read about the many jobless looking for work and the many companies looking for workers – matching skills with jobs, as was stated by Mr. Clossey.

It would be helpful and should even be required that Mr. Clossey publicize the names of those many companies looking for workers along with the positions to be filled, listing the qualifications so those out of work can see what is presently available to them.

Too, what further training, specifically, do they need to acquire before they qualify to be hired by one of those many listed companies?

Further, addressing the question of the lack of skilled workers, Mr. Clossey said, “Maybe it’s training programs.” Surely there’s no “maybe” about it.

Unqualified workers will benefit from a published list of specific steps they need to take to become job-qualified. So where are the required retraining programs and classes to advantage the many companies seeking skilled workers by training the unskilled to be skilled and employable?


Would it not be beneficial all around for business to take some responsibility for retraining the presently untrained to effectively fill their empty job slots?

The unemployed will benefit by a daily informational column on availability of skill training for ultimate job matching. Re: Earning a living, being prepared is everything.

Loretta MacKinnon


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