As an independent who voted for Eliot Cutler in 2009, I think it’s imperative that 2009 not be replicated in 2014. My concern was expressed before all candidates had officially declared, in a May 16, 2013, letter titled “Cutler must test himself in party primary.”

I am concerned with the accusations being leveled at one another by the Cutler and Michaud camps. If I’m Gov. LePage, I’m delighted with this squabbling among his opponents. Both Michaud and Cutler have much to offer even though they have contrasting personalities and styles. Either would be a marked improvement over the incumbent governor.

Instead of attacking each other, I would prefer that Michaud and Cutler explain how the policies of the LePage administration have not benefited the voters or the state.

Contrary to the beliefs of the governor’s supporters, many of his policies actually hurt them. These include cutting back on educational funding, attacking programs intended to assist the “working” poor, reforming the state’s health care guidelines, impacting immigrants who need a helping hand and shifting government costs to local property taxes under the guise of efficiency. Never mind the tax dollars his administration has squandered looking for waste, fraud and abuse (voter and unemployment benefits fraud, MaineCare expansion, etc.) to support his ideological agenda.

Add to this the belligerent and bullying manner in which he conducts himself. He’s a poor representative for our state and its effort to attract economic development.

Our state needs a “reset.” We’ve been dealing with a double whammy – the lingering recession and Gov. LePage. So instead of attacking each other, Michaud and Cutler should demonstrate to voters how they will improve our lives and the state. It’s important for both to peel away some LePage supporters to ensure that he’s not re-elected.

Roger Beeley


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