The Republican Governors Association on Monday released its first ad bolstering the reelection campaign of Gov. Paul LePage. 

The 3-minute spot, part of the RGA’s "American Comeback" series spotlighting reforms of GOP governors, retraces LePage’s now familiar personal story of his abusive father and his rise from poverty to governor. That story is parlayed into the governor’s self-reliance mantra and his ongoing commitment to welfare reform. 

In the spot, LePage mentions that the safety net can produce a generational reliance and he holds up his family as an example. First Lady Ann LePage appears near the end of the ad, saying the governor is an underdog now fighting for Maine, also an underdog. 

The RGA ad is the first of what promises to be many this year. The RGA spent over $1 million helping LePage get elected in 2010. 

Meanwhile, the Democratic Governors Association is also expected to release ad targeting vulnerable Republican incumbents, including LePage. Politico reported last week that the DGA has already purchased television airtime in Michigan to attack Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and that purchase tied with planned ads in several other high priority races, including Maine. It’s unclear if the DGA has purchased airtime in Maine or if it will go the same route as the RGA did here and stick with a web ad.