It never ceases to amaze me how this city thinks and operates. On one hand, we have a useless mayor who gives a State of the City address promoting more business to locate here, and on the other hand, we have a Planning Board and city councilors making it harder to arrive in and depart the city.

I guess they haven’t listened to people complaining about the traffic congestion on Forest Avenue, outer Congress Street and Brighton Avenue, all due to the new traffic pattens that result in longer driving times in and out of the city, not to mention a waste of fuel.

Now they are planning on redoing Franklin Arterial (“Franklin Street redesign to free up valuable city land,” Jan. 27). Really? Let’s take away the last remaining way of entry for commercial vehicles to deliver and pick up goods to the Commercial Street area without having to drive a large semi through the narrow city streets.

Let’s add more traffic congestion with roundabouts and traffic lights. Oh, and yes, don’t forget adding more bike lanes, there’s such a high volume every day that one has to avoid being hit by one.

How can this city promote business when it takes away access to the business? Hey! Here’s something you might want to waste money on to study! One huge parking lot somewhere outside the city to park and make everyone walk into the city.

You planned a Gateway Terminal for cruise ships, and promoted that ferry to Nova Scotia, meaning more money to spend.

Here’s a plan for you, with no expense: Leave the traffic situation in the city alone. Franklin Arterial allows for ease in traffic flow and a place to dump snow. You’re going to need it since you’re losing the area in Bayside to dispose of it.

Frank Teras

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