What’s worse than big government? Government stooges representing big business and claiming to be tea party, like the attempt to use public funds to build gas infrastructure in our region. (“New England governors start push to cut cost of power” Jan. 23)

They want to charge consumers in advance to expand private businesses with a vague reference to lower utility costs (no details, of course) in the future. What bringing in natural gas would cost could build thousands of new ZeroEnergy homes.

Building Maine homes would employ carpenters, electricians, plumbers and the rest of the devastated construction trades.

Lumber yards, forest products and home furnishing stores, all Maine small businesses, would prosper. No new energy needed.

Instead, we will get some flagger jobs on the torn-up roads, with out-of-state companies sucking the money away. This is so we can switch to natural gas – the “methadone” for oil addiction.

Tom Fullam



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