I am writing to commend the use of Fox Hill in Camden for a self-contained residential rehabilitation center for those in need of appropriate recovery and care.

I support the narrowly written zoning change that will allow McLean to operate there. Fox Hill is a lovely existing property that is well suited for the needs of McLean Hospital, which is a very reputable organization.

I have lived on Bay View Street for 44 years in two different houses. I feel strongly that the image of Camden as a place for the rejuvenation and restoration of body, mind and spirit will be enhanced by McLean Hospital’s presence and will be a calling card for our town.

I have been talking with a numerous people about this and I am convinced that the integrity of the Fox Hill property will be maintained by McLean’s use. I also feel strongly that we need good businesses to come into our community to support the tax base and to provide good employment for qualified people.

I think that the voters of Camden should have the opportunity to decide this matter.

Jeffrey M. Conrad


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