Recent letters to the editor and statements by men who want to replace Gov. Paul LePage complain about how bad things are in Maine because of the present administration. It seems that rather independent sources disagree:

The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 16: “David Thompson, a managing director at (the market research firm) Phoenix, said, ‘Maine and Louisiana are two states that have seen big turnarounds in their economies.’ ”

CNBC, Jan. 15: “Big gainers (in the number of millionaires per capita) last year were Maine, Louisiana and South Dakota.”

Phoenix Marketing, a market research firm: Ranked states with the largest percentage of households with significant assets for investing and found Maine has jumped a full 11 points in one year.

Business Insider magazine, Nov. 29, 2013: Listed Maine as one of the states where the economy is “booming.”

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Showed Maine at its lowest unemployment rate since 2008 at 6.2 percent (“Maine’s December jobless rate falls to 6.2 percent,” Jan. 28), the result of 13,600 new private-sector jobs created since Gov. LePage took office.


Businesses that have rather recently moved to Maine, creating some of those jobs, include Molnlycke Health Care from Sweden, Eimskip from Iceland, Tempus Jets, Carbonite, Ameridial, Ecoshel and Southwest Airlines.

Could it be that things in Maine are not headed in as dire a direction as the men who want to replace Gov. LePage would want us to believe? Just a thought or two!

Doris Meehan


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